AJA Membership

Can my dojo apply for AJA membership?

Yes! Free membership for new dojos (schools)! AJA will waive the membership fee for new dojos for the first year. After that, the annual membership fee is $25; each year an official AJA dojo membership certificate will be sent to you.

Individual student memberships are just $20 per year and include limited insurance coverage (below).

Application procedures are described in the downloadable application form; see additional information below.

Immediate benefits include:

Which dojos are eligible?

Membership in the American Ju-Jitsu Association (AJA) is open to any dojo where traditional Japanese ju-jitsu is taught. The most important requirement is that the instructor must possess at least a Shodan grade in ju-jitsu from a verifiable sensei, dojo, or organization. The application-evaluation process takes about 1-2 months. Click here for dojo application materials. Contact Jeff Wynn if you have any questions. An additional contact is Dave Boesel [AJA President].

AJA background

The American Ju-Jitsu Association was founded in 1972 for the purpose of bringing different ryu (styles) of the art together in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and respect. Since that time it has grown from two dojos to approximately 30, plus international affiliates. The AJA has established itself as a reputable organization within the martial arts community, and it works closely with other major ju-jitsu organizations in the United States and internationally in areas of mutual concern. The founder was recognized by Black Belt Magazine as Black Belt of the Year in 2011.

The AJA is the United States representative for a number of international organizations.

The AJA is a non-profit amateur athletic association registered with both the state of California and the United States government [IRS code 501(c)(3)]. To our knowledge the AJA is the only martial arts organization in the U.S. that is classified in this manner as an amateur athletic association. The AJA supports a variety of safe competitive formats for a full-spectrum martial art that basically is not a sport. The AJA also issues certificates of rank to qualified members who meet the criteria of their particular ryu.

When you become a member

The AJA will not tell you how to run your dojo. Once your ryu and dan grade have been accepted by the AJA, all rank holders whom you promote will also be accepted on that level by other dojos in the AJA. There are at least four different ryu represented on the AJA Board of Directors, and there are a large number of high-ranking sensei who can offer guidance when needed or conduct seminars at your dojo.

AJA memberships and insurance

All member dojos have a liability/accident policy through the American Ju-Jitsu Association. The liability portion is for $1,000,000. The accident coverage provides $25,000 excess (secondary) coverage. The policy covers you, the instructor, as well as the AJA. It will provide coverage in a variety of activities. The only arts NOT covered are Muy Thai, kickboxing, and high-injury arts such as MMA.

Note: ALL students MUST HAVE individual AJA membership in order for the dojo and the sensei to be covered by the insurance package.