Join the American Jujitsu Assocation!

Welcome to the American Ju-Jitsu Association! We are delighted to learn of your interest in joining this venerable, over 50-year-old umbrella association of all Japanese Ju-Jitsu Ryu, no matter their origin.

Please fill out the Dojo Application form below and separately email five attachments to the Chair of the National Standards and Certification Board (NSCB) Tyler Garner at

Required Information and Supporting Documentation

  1. A photocopy or image of your most recent certificate of Yudansha rank in Ju-Jitsu.
  2. A summary of your belt rank requirements and/or teaching curriculum for your dojo. Note that there is no special format for this.
  3. A short (10 to 20-minute max) video demonstrating your style of Ju-Jitsu. This can be on DVDs or link to social media video. (NOTE: This video is not supposed to be a “how to” video. The intent here is to help the NSCB get a sense of what you teach.)
  4. A copy of the “Participant Release/Waiver” form that you use in your dojo. This is intended to protect you and the AJA from potential legal liability.
  5. A recent photo of yourself. This may be used in the future on the AJA website if you should choose to accept an AJA staff responsibility.

Below are forms to assist in your application, it is recommended that you read over the AJA Constitution prior to applying to the AJA. The NSCB promotion form is only for already approved AJA sensei (who don’t have a sensei of their own anymore) and are due for a promotion that follows the guidelines set out in the constitution and thus must turn to the AJA for a promotion. The reference form is for your use to send to someone you know that knows you well enough to write a reference, references should be sent directly to the Chair of the NSCB.

The Constitution of the American Ju-jitsu Association

NSCB Promotional Form for AJA Sensei

AJA Reference form for applying Dojos

Sensei Information

Dojo Information

Landlord Information

* If you do not own the building you teach in, this information is required.


agree that if I am accepted for membership in the AJA that I will abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the AJA to the best of my ability. I also agree that all participants in my dojo will become paid members of the AJA, at a fee of $25 each per calendar year. I also understand that violation of the Constitution & Bylaws could result in suspension and/or revocation of all AJA certifications and benefits. Furthermore, I grant the AJA permission to use my name, rank, dojo name, dojo location and class schedule on its website and other publications and that I will agree to a background check.