American Combat Jujitsu Seminar – October 6th

The Baltimore School of Self Defense is hosting Professor Tony Maynard for an American Combat Jujitsu seminar on Saturday, October 6th.  We’re expecting Soke Darrell Gordon and Shihan AJ Farmer to accompany Prof Maynard.  We’ll review a lot of concepts from American Combat Jujitsu and Small Circle Jujitsu.

Seminar will be in the afternoon, from 1pm to 4pm.  There’s a slight possibility it will be extend by up to another hour (to 5pm).

For more info and to register, please visit–gMPMM

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Shiai 2018 videos posted

Videos of the Ju-Jitsu Waza competition at the Northern Regional Tournament on 7/22/18 have now all been posted on YouTube. There are playlists for each of the divisions, and individual links to those playlists are below. There are also now  playlists for all of the Northern Regional Shiai videos going back to 2007 at the Daitobukan Dojo YouTube Channel

Yudansha 2018

Adult Jodan Kyu 2018

Adult Chudan Kyu 2018

Adult Gedan Kyu 2018

Youth Jodan Kyu 2018

Youth Chudan Kyu 2018

Youth Gedan Kyu 2018