From the AJA Constitution, Article 2, Section 5

Foreign [International Affiliation] Membership

The AJA shall accept international dojo/organizations from other countries, hereafter referred to as “foreign” into the AJA, following the same procedures and requirements for evaluating and accepting domestic [inside the U.S.] dojo/organizations for membership and affiliation with the AJA as established by the AJA Constitution. Foreign dojo/organizations and their members shall be subject to the same rules, conditions, and standards as domestic dojo.

Foreign memberships shall be subject to the following limitations:

  1. Foreign dojo/organizations/members are NOT covered by the AJA insurance policy unless they are in the U.S. and participating in an officially AJA sanctioned activity, nor may they be eligible for some of the other benefits of domestic AJA dojo.
  2. Individual foreign dojo may not claim to be the sole representative of the AJA in their country unless the BOD has granted that privilege.
  3. Foreign organizations who are recognized as the sole governing body for ju-jitsu in their respective country[ies] AND can provide official government documentation establishing such may request that the AJA BOD to grant them the privilege of being the official representative of the AJA in their country[ies].
    1. The AJA will require that the AJA be named as the sole and exclusive representative of the foreign organization in the U.S. and the possessions and territories of the U.S.
    2. This will require BOD approval.
  4. Foreign organizations, whether or not they are the sole governing body for ju-jitsu in their respective country[ies], may request that a document of “mutual recognition” be created wherein each organization [foreign organization and the AJA] agree to recognize each other as a representative of their respective country[ies] recognize the ranks of all members certified by their respective organizations.

There shall be special conditions and fees for foreign membership [international affiliation]:

  1. If a foreign dojo/organization simply wishes recognition it must secure an annual dojo certificate and pay the same annual dojo fee as domestic dojo. The dojo certificate must be renewed annually [and fee paid] to maintain official AJA affiliation.
  2. If a foreign dojo/organization wishes to secure rank recognition for its sensei and/or any of its students, the normal requirements and procedures, as used for domestic dojo.
  3. Dojo/organization must submit an appropriate Student Register with fees for its members who are seeking rank certification.
  4. Dojo/organization must also submit a Rank Certificate Application form and appropriate fees for each candidate seeking a certificate of rank from the AJA.
  5. Fees may be waived or altered in accordance with AJA constitutional policy.

The American Ju-Jitsu Association is a partner of the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation ®.  Our organizations are mutually supportive, coordinating efforts on events such as ju-jitsu tournaments and seminars. The partnership provides AJA with access to national and international ju-jitsu competitions.