Forms and Documents

This page will provide you with all of the forms and documents you will want as either a student or a Sensei. Documents and forms for safety and the Responsible Instructor Program can be found in links on the SAFETY page. If you find yourself missing something that should be here, please contact the webmaster and ask for it to be placed on the website.

AJA Dojo Application form 12-2018

AJA Reference Letter Form 12-2018 – to support new dojo applications

AJA Colored Belt Rank Application Form 10-26-18

AJA Black Belt Rank Application Form 10-26-18

AJA Instructor Application Form 10-26-18

NSCB Promotion Form 9-29-2018 – For Yudansha who cannot be promoted by their own sensei

Genl CA Release 021815 A generalized waiver or release form suitable for California; may need to be modified for other states.

CONSTITUTION 013016 Latest version of the AJA Constitution

Tournament Handbook A handbook for organizing and running safe tournaments

RiskManagement20141105 Risk Management guidelines

RIP v3 121014 Responsible Instructor Program certificate