2023 Shiai

The American Jujitsu Association (AJA) is a prestigious organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of Jujitsu across the United States. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and fostering a thriving Jujitsu community, the AJA organizes various events throughout the year to provide practitioners with opportunities for growth and competition.

One of the highly anticipated events on the AJA’s calendar is the Shiai Jujitsu tournament. In 2023, the association is proud to host the Shiai Jujitsu tournament, a thrilling showcase of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. Drawing participants from different Jujitsu schools and academies nationwide, this tournament promises to be an exciting display of the art’s diverse techniques and techniques.

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What is a Shiai Tournament?

As the name suggests, the word “Shiai ” itself translates to “match,” “game,” “fight,” or “competition” in Japanese. This tournament reflects the essence of Jujitsu as a competitive martial art, where practitioners pit their skills against one another in a controlled and respectful environment. The Shiai Jujitsu tournament serves as a platform for seasoned practitioners and emerging talents to test their abilities, challenge their limits, and celebrate the rich heritage of Jujitsu.

Competitors can expect a well-structured event, adhering to established rules and weight divisions, ensuring fair and engaging matchups. Judges and referees, recognized for their expertise in Jujitsu, will oversee the matches, ensuring the highest standards of safety and fairness throughout the tournament.

Beyond the thrill of competition, the Shiai Jujitsu tournament fosters a sense of camaraderie and community among participants. It brings together Jujitsu enthusiasts from various backgrounds, enabling them to forge new friendships, exchange knowledge and experiences, and grow together as practitioners.

With its focus on skill development, technique refinement, and the pursuit of excellence, the Shiai Jujitsu tournament organized by the American Jujitsu Association is a pinnacle event in the Jujitsu community. Whether as a competitor, spectator, or supporter, this tournament offers an unforgettable experience, embodying the dedication, discipline, and passion that define the art of Jujitsu.

The 2023 Northern Regional Shiai and Seminar

Past AJA Shiai Tournaments

Videos of the JuJitsu Waza competition at the Northern Regional Tournament on 7/21/19 are posted on YouTube. There are playlists for each of the divisions, and individual links to those playlists are below. Special thanks to Will Harris and Samantha Finley for videography and editing! There are also now playlists for all of the Northern Regional Shiai videos going back to 2007 at the Daitobukan Dojo YouTube Channel